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BambuŽ Products

Bambu has created a distinctive collection of functional well-designed products for modern living.

  • Cutting Boards
  • Lacquerware Bowls
  • All Occasion Veneerware Disposables

    Cutting and Serving Boards

    Original and contemporary bamboo cutting and serving boards are indispensable and made to last. They are elegantly designed from 100% organically grown bamboo. Each board is hand finished with natural, food-safe oil. Bambu thoroughly believes in chopping food, not trees. The contemporary designs look great and are designed to perform up to almost any task.
    The team that hand produces Bambu's cutting and serving boards are organized as a collective, which means they have a voice in setting price and compensation. Each of the boards are hand shaped and finished.


    Marrying modern designs and colors with traditional bamboo craftsmanship, the bambu lacquerware collection is an innovative and contemporary range of bowls, plates and other tabletop items. Each piece is hand coiled, shaped and finished with food-safe natural lacquer creating a beautiful, durable waterproof finish accented in modern colors. Bambu's own unique color palette in matte finish is a natural lacquer that creates durable, waterproof dishware. All Lacquerware is food-safe and suitable for all hot and cold foods. This collection of dishware cleans easily with warm soapy water.
    Each bowl is hand coiled with small strips of bamboo by families in rural villages to help supplement farming income. The skill of coiling and carving bamboo bowls is a centuries-old craft unique to Vietnam. Next, the bowls are shaped by hand and then applied with the natural food safe lacquer derived from the cashew nut tree.

    All Occasion Veneerware

    All Occasion Veneerware® is the one and only single-use collection of plates, serveware, and utensils made from 100% bamboo. This disposable dishware is certified organic and is ideal for meals at home, picnics, catered events, weddings, birthdays, conferences or almost any occasion. Bambu believes that All Occasion Veneerware® is the answer to the paper plate.
    All Occasion Veneerware® is FDA approved food-safe, there are no bleaches or dyes, and it will biodegrade in 4-6 months. These products are not recommended for the microwave and are intended for single use. Bambu's Veneerware® is offered in a full range of plates, trays, utensils and sporks.
    The bamboo used is grown without fertilizers, cured and then hand cut and selected for peeling.

    More about Bambu® brand

    How it all started

    We have always had an appreciation and a concern for the natural environment. We became inspired by bamboo, a remarkably renewable resource, and water to share that with others. We left out careers, we moved to China, and set out to build something exceptional; to create unique and well designed products for the home, made from renewable materials.
    Thank you for showing care for the environment.
    Rachel & Jeff

    Bambu is a renewable ideas company.

    We exist to create interest and excitement around renewable materials and sustainable practices; we do that with original design, innovation and imagination.

    Guiding Principles:

  • We are not a bamboo company. We are simply inspired by a marvelous material that is the foundation of our company.
  • We are building interest and appeal in renewable materials through our original designs and material innovations, and through our own imaginations. We strive to lessen the impact we place on the planet's limited natural resources. And take a socially responsible approach to our products, processes and practices.

    Certified organic

    Three years ago, we spearheaded a project to certify the source of our bamboo. Working closely with IMO Switzerland, bambu is the first and only company to be recognized with Organic Certification. Customers have complete assurance that the bamboo we use is sustainably grown and harvested and free of pesticides and fertilizers. The bamboo used to make our All Occasion Veneerware® and Natural Utensils is Certified Organic. Our packaging is all environmentally friendly. The paper we use for our packaging is made from FSC-certified sources or is made from 100% post-consumer recycled fibers. Our shipping cartons are made from recycled fiber and all of our packaging materials are recyclable. We're expanding the use of soy-based inks across all of our printing. Bambu is leading the use of these materials with printers and paper suppliers in China.

    Bambu supports fair trade practices.

    Our manufacturing partners must meet our requirements for quality craftsmanship, environmental protection, and acceptable labor practices. Independent auditing firms inspect our manufacturers for worker health and safety and for environmental protection.
    We have been granted the Co-Op America Seal of Approval for the commitments Bambu has made toward fair treatment of workers, promoting healthy communities, preserving the environment and providing quality products.

    Proudly made.

    A job well done. A basket weaver from Northern Vietnam, a carpenter from rural China, or our production team in Shanghai all shares a sense of pride in producing our products, and producing them well. You can appreciate the pride in the craftsmanship of our coiled bowls, or the finish of our cutting boards, or the attention to detail in the design of our kitchen tools.
    'Proudly made' also conveys how we do business and reflects the spirit of our company and the values we live by. Pride in giving back to the local community, pride in supporting local artisans and small rural industry, and pride in using a renewable and plentiful resource.

    At the source.

    We are regularly on site and in the villages where the craftspeople work and live. This means we're accountable for the integrity of our products and production processes. We couldn't be the type of company we are if we were not at the source. We don't work with agents or trading companies or middlemen; we never have, and we never will.

    1% for the planet.

    Bambu joined with 1% For The Planet in 2005 and contributes over 1% of net sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

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