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Large Red Soup Bowl - 18 oz
OM1031425 Large Red Soup Bowl - 18 oz
Jumbo Simply Blue Soup & Chili Bowl - 28 oz
OM1032035 Jumbo Simply Blue Soup & Chili Bowl - 28 oz
Jumbo Yellow Soup & Chili Bowl - 28 oz
OM1032011 Jumbo Yellow Soup & Chili Bowl - 28 oz
Jumbo Violet Soup Mug 24oz
Bamboo Party Dip Forks (72pcs)
Jumbo Gold Soup Mug 24oz

Welcome To Prairie Moon Soup Mixes.

If soup is your passion, then this is the place for you. We carry a wide variety of soup mixes from national gourmet brands to boutique mom and pop manufacturers. The one thing they all have in common is they are easy to make and they are all delicious.

From shopping for the right ingredients to preparing, seasoning, cooking and cleanup, making soup is time consuming and messy. The solution is soup mixes. You get all the homemade goodness with very little effort. By keeping a few frozen and canned additions in your pantry you can make any mix like homemade.

Of course, when you have the time, nothing can match the love which goes into homemade soup. For the rest of the time, have our soup mixes on hand for that homemade flavor without the work. Try an assortment of your favorite soups. Then stock up on the ones you really like.

Click on any of the links on the left to start your soup odyssey. Like our title says, soup mixes are "homemade goodness without the work".

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Compostable Knife - Green (24pcs)
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Endurance Soup Spoon Polished Stainless Steel
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Fish Stix - Unique Fish Shaped Party Pick
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Jumbo Olive Soup Mug 24oz
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Jumbo Red Soup & Chili Bowl - 28 oz
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Sunflower Yellow Dip Chiller with dip - 1 Cup
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